Easter Swim Camp

tel: 051 390176
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Monday-Friday, March 26th-30th.

10-11am OR 11-12pm.

Cost is €25 per child. 35 minutes of lessons followed by 20 minutes of games & free fully supervised play time.

Ages 3-12 years & grouped by ability.

Book by phone on 051-390176 or m.me/splashworldtramore

Beginner 1

Develop water confidence through water games. Front Crawl, legs with float - blowing bubbles.

Face in the water. Back Crawl, legs with float/woggle.

Beginner 2

Push & Glide on the front. Front Crawl legs and introducing the front crawl, arm action, and breathing.

Back crawl legs with float & one arm. Constructive games.

Beginner 3

Front Crawl arms, legs & breathing. Back Crawl without float &full arm action.

Constructive games - duck dive, mushroom float & tumbles.

Improver 1

Front crawl technique - breathing, arms, legs. Able to swim a ½ length.

Back Crawl - full stroke. Introducing Breast Stroke.

Improver 2

Full-length Front Crawl Back crawl including breathing. Breast Stroke arms, legs and breathing.

Introduce Butterfly Legs.

Improver 3

Swimming lengths of Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Breast Stroke. Concentrate on stroke technique.

Butterfly arms & legs (1/2 Length). Games - Tumbles.


Swimming lengths building up stamina. Working on turns and tumbles.

Butterfly technique - arms, legs, breathing.


For children from 3 and a half years upwards.

During this class, children are introduced to the pool in fun way –

gaining water confidence through games with a little float-work included.

Further Information

Please ensure that children are collected promptly at the end of the lesson.

Please lock away all belongings in the lockers provided.

All children must shower before entering the pool.

What to Bring - Togs, Towel, Hat & Goggles. Armbands are not required.